Our Story

Superhumour is a fast-growing Organization, In Manufacuring, Designing, Pritning Technology.

We Design, Develop, and provide better products to wholesale stores, retail stores, and To our Customers.

Superhumour.com About Us
Our Story

YBRANIUM is a fast-growing Organization, In Electrical Designing, Commissioning, Servicing, and Technology.

We Design, Develop, and provide Electrical services to Residential, Commercial Complex’s, airports, Malls, Educational Institutions, Power stations, Housing Colonies, Banks, Corporate Offices, Hospitals, Factories, wholesale stores, retail stores, and Govt projects.

Superhumour.com About Us
Superhumour.com About Us

Success Oriented

Superhumour Believes in understanding customer requirement completely and offers fully customized solutions.

At Superhumour we strive to provide our customers with the highest standards of service with a strong emphasis on Quality, reliability, and Pricing

Our Offerings from ₹275

We offer a wide range of Products (T-shirts, Mobilecases, Hoodies) to our ever-growing customer base, and with 3 years’ experience, we are sure to have all your  needs covered. We believe the key to our success is attention to detail, not only with our Products but with our client’s needs.

Superhumour gives life to New Designs ,Products etc and by its planning, installing, operating, maintaining, and protecting the sophisticated and dynamic Printing systems that create facility environments—such as inhouse Designing, Printing & Marketing, in every sector of the ecommerce and for a diverse range of Products & Pricing.

Superhumour.com About Us

what we Trust in

Trying new things even when success is not guaranteed.

Not stepping on others to get ahead.

Thinking about the benefit of others just as you’d think about your own.

This was the spirit on which Superhumour was founded in 2018.

With the belief that a business cannot be about financial gain alone.

It is about making a positive impact. That’s what Superhumour is about.


Sharing information to customers facilitate better communication regarding Dispatch & Delivery times.


Working together to develop and unleash our full potential to achieve exceptional results for our customers and shareholders.


Execution with precision, efficiency, competence and professionalism

Mutual Respect and Trust

Treating people with dignity and consideration and encouraging openness and cooperation.

Commitment to Safety

Committed to Mandatory Sanitation & Temperature checks everyday to our workers.


In everything we do

Super Team

Superhumour.com About Us

Surendra Nekkanti


Superhumour.com About Us

Shashank Sriman


Superhumour.com About Us

Karthik P


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